Another huge asset to the test is that it generates different questions ...

... Mrs. Iva Svačková, HR Partner, PROFI CREDIT Czech, a.s. says

We have enjoyed eTestMe_com – a product with a focus on testing language knowledge using computer and the internet, and we believe there is a huge added value in its existence. In our company, verifying people´s language skills could be used especially for our employees in the international section, however in the local section we still believe that the new product of yours will become an effective tool for self-education of our members of staff.

I feel that the most positive aspect of it is the significant time elimination – the tested participant is not required to travel anywhere and therefore has minimum expenses for learning their level of knowledge (minimum expenses of individual employees = minimum expenses of the company). Another huge asset to the test is that it generates different questions for separate users and so there is simply no chance the tested participant could possibly know the questions in the test beforehand. That means that we are not required to think of different test variations that would inevitably become a “public secret” which brings the effect of test to the minimum.

Generally, the testing platform feels very professional, individual sections are clear, logical, and the tested participant knows exactly what he is asked to do, where to click, etc.

We are now considering to test your new product on the employees of our international development centre in order to make our lives easier and to open new possibilities in testing and consequent evaluation of our employees.

Not only do we see the potential in your developed software in verifying the language skills but also the use could be wider (e.g. Czech language, IT skills, etc).