The big advantage is the complexity of testing ...

... Mr. Vít Vořechovský, the director of Jeden jazyk nestačí language school, says

As a language school, any of our clients must be guaranteed that their students make a visible progress since the moment we take over the language education in their company. In the past, we had to create our own tests. The test preparation was very time consuming as we needed to make separate different test versions so the students could not copy but still it was impossible to guarantee that the students do the tests honestly.

Another problem was that different groups of students used different course books and that was why it was necessary to prepare many test alternatives. Tests on will do it all for us. Thanks to the large number of questions in the database, each test is unique and therefore it is impossible for a student to prepare directly for the test.

The tests also correspond to the levels given by the CEFR which solves the problem of using different course books with different groups. Recently, our clients´ HR departments always want to know the students´ level according to the CEFR classification as any other information is no longer relevant for them. Another huge advantage is how complex the tests are – students are tested on their speaking and writing as well and that is absolutely unique.

With the test outputs being so easily useable and comprehensive for our clients – HR departments - we can offer as an added value to our services.